Delighted that I can speak to someone who actually responds and listens to what the consumer wants.


What a novel approach for RSA business!





Dear Market-Web

I just want to thank you, congratulate you and tell you that I appreciate your excellent service you provide to me.


I know I am one in many, which means it is to all your clients.


In todays life there is many demands but a few thank you's. I try to say thank you to a person who do well.


There fore it is for me a privilege to be your client and to mention to you to be proud of what you achieve. May God bless you.


Thank you for the CD you sent me. I loaded the program and it is up and running smoothly.

I received the update data by e-mail and downloaded it and updated the data base without problems.

I find the program quite user-friendly and easy to use. I am impressed with the technical analysis features of the program and I hope these will enable me to better predict the ups and downs of the market.

My thanks to Dave (Technical) for his prompt and efficient service to supply me with the program and to have it updated and running so quickly.


Dear Dave





Thank you very much for the excellent service!

Dear Dave


Thanks for making life easier. The improvements are a bonus. Please keep up the good work and let us have more.




Dear Market-Web

Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your efficency in getting us on top of the system so quickly


Hi Dave,


I am glad to say that my system is fully operational again thanks to all the support that I have received from you.




Your efficiency is astounding!!

Well done...


Hi there,


Thanks for the update. The program looks a looks really professional.


The changes have made it a lot more user friendly!!


from William and Andrea


Thank you very much for fantastic program and promt service .I am up and running no problems at all.I will really recomment it to all I meet.

I can start now to make my second million .( the first one was a bolls-up without your program.



Thank you for all your assistance in getting us up and running again after the problems we had with our previous supplier.


It's a pleasure to be working with a company which communicates with its customers and obviously cares. Jen and I are most impressed. Thanks again.




Dear Market-Web


Thank you For you support and communication. You program is very user friendly and errors are corrected by you self before the next day.


Thank you for lectures that are very help full.



Roelf - Bloemfontein

Thanks for the info. This is what I call good service. Keep it up and you will win more and more customers.



Dear Dave,


Thank you for your immediate response on my request. It is nice doing bussiness with people that actually deliver.


Yours truly,


Dear Market-Web,


The website looks great and works like a dream. I requested a weekly and a daily download sample.

I really like the layout now with all the indicators, lecture notes and sample screens. That's really great for potential new customers. Good stuff!

Well done,

The "Data Backup file" utility is working extremely well!!

I have been on leave and have not received all the emails or updated files. The data file I missed was for 21 June and I did not get the update to go thru' the 1st time. Then the last update date and the latest info in JSG seemed messed up. I then requested the Monthly update and it solved my problem.

In both instances I received the data files within seconds.

This is the top class service I expect and definitely am getting.

Thank you and regards

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the prompt action. Much appreciated. With a man like you I can travel many, many miles.

Best wishes

It went in like you have never seen before.... Congrats on a big improvement done in a professional manner such as I have already become accustomed to when you are doing something.

You are really forcing me to start using your system more regularly!!!

 Again, you really impressed me in a big way.

Thanks .... Tobie

Thanks for the amazingly fast response !


Many thanks for your help. We have returned from our short sojourn in the E Cape and I have loaded the disk as instructed. All went fine.


Thanks again. I wish all businesses replied as promptly as you do.


It is a real treat.